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Concrete Wall

Our style is an amalgamation of sorts ranging from 20th-century vintage, postmodern and fine art, to sometimes even the obscure. In our dedication to serving every dimension of who you are and integrating it into the designs of your home or space, we’re confident your guests will enter with a deep understanding of your stylistic sensibilities, and leave knowing

“Issa Mood”.

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Concrete Wall

Skillful and selective hunters of design. We operate with prowess and instinctive nature to uncover interiors intended to illicit depth, creativity, and excitement.


Our charging approach stems from the adrenaline of our ongoing pursuit to strike first in seizing the latest and boldest of designs. Selecting from our constant rotating collection of unique furnishings invites clients to hone in on their artistic compulsions and the free-range to express and reflect with never-ending, stylish flair. Making every artistic addition in your space individually iconic. Because it’s more than just settling in. Issa Mood.

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